Josie Rose Handmade


Amy Arigo is a lifelong crafter whose earliest and fondest memories involve time spent crafting with her mom when she was a young girl. Inspired by her own daughter, Amy began making headbands and bows for her when she was a baby. She went on to create Josie Rose Handmade to help others celebrate the whimsy and wonder of childhood. From unicorn headbands to cat ears, and birthday crowns to bows, Josie Rose Handmade accessories are crafted with the same joy, love, and attention to detail as when Amy first began creating for her own daughter.

As her daughter has grown, so too has Josie Rose Handmade. The accessories line now offers a little something for everyone including bookmarks, lip balm, hand sanitizer and mask holders, women’s hair clips, and more.

Amy Arigo lives in Glen Ridge with her husband, daughter, and three cats. When she isn’t releasing more unicorns into the world, she can be found enjoying a reheated cup of coffee, taking photographs, or wrangling jigsaw puzzle pieces away from the cats.