GSC is a co-retail & incubator space

featuring a collection of innovative,

mission-based brands and local artisans.

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Local Entrepreneurs

We work with local entrepreneurs to help them

grow their businesses, test new ideas, and launch new businesses.

Refill Shops

Enjoy treats and sweets from Three Daughters Baking Co. and Maplewood Wheelhouse.

NOTE: All food is currently grab and go.

Our communal tables will re-open when it is safe.

Local Creators

We work with local makers and artists,

providing a space to share ideas, learn from each other,

and sell wares to local customers.

Shop Online

Gift cards to the whole store and gift baskets

can be purchased on this site, as well as a curated selection of seasonal items.

Refer to the shop directory for links

to shop the stores in our space.

Putting Connection Back into Commerce

See why our customers love us...

I looooooooooooooove GSC and everything you guys are doing, and am so glad to have you around the corner! 

Emily F.

You guys are awesome! The staff is very helpful and friendly. 

Jessica A.

Love everything about the store!  So happy to have you in the area, and walkable for me.

Suzanne G.

I have told several friends about your store, but for some of them, it’s out of their way unfortunately. So what we need in NJ are more locations!I really like the area so I make a half-day of it with walking around and checking out some sites nearby.

Christine C.

Seasonal Collection

Spring is in the air!

Spring Vegetable Flats
  • $3.25
Citronella Plants (Deter Mosquitos)
  • $9.99
  • From $4.99
Fresh-cut Jersey Tulips
  • From $24.00
Kids Watering Can
  • $12.95
Seed Bombs
  • $1.25
Kids Gardening Fork
  • $5.99
Kids Gardening Tool Pouch
  • $19.95

Locally Sourced Life

Finding what you need close to home and locally-owned

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